Immodulon Therapeutics

Immodulon is a private, late-stage clinical company developing IMM-101, a novel broad spectrum immunomodulator. IMM-101 induces a broad immune response, modulating the innate and adaptive immune systems with a potential to complement existing therapies, including targeted immunotherapies and cytotoxics.
Redesign of website and investor deck

We were approached by Immodulon, via life science communications specialists Medistrava, to give their website a much needed overhaul. And despite a short deadline and tight budget we were able to completely revamp and rebuild the site. Using the existing branding as a start point we redesigned, restyled and unified the look and feel across the site, gave text and headlines impact, simplified overly-complicated content, replaced tired and outdated visuals and graphics and updated the CMS. We also designed and created a completely new corporate investor deck for good measure to create a single unified visual identity befitting a modern, innovative company.

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