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So we redid our website recently and working for ourselves rather than for a client was refreshing, eye-opening and occasionally challenging. But more than anything else it reminded us of some key tips to redoing your website or branding.

Fix up look smart. 
Unless you own retail property then your website is your shopfront. It is all most people will know about your business so make sure it actually reflects your business. Spruce it up and show it love. Show the customer round and make it a nice place to stay for a while. You will appreciate it as much as your customers.

What ARE you doing?
Ask yourself what it is you really do rather than what you think you do. Is your product or service really what you think it is? And what is your website for? Is it selling a product, trying to attract investors or showcasing previous work to establish credibility? The answers might surprise and even scare you but they will definitely help you decide what steps to take next.

Walk a mile in your customers shoes.
Don’t design what YOU like – design for your target market. Every time we had to make a decision over design or content the same few clients came to mind. So we designed for them.

Just do it. 
We know what it’s like – starting a redesign project can seem daunting. And the longer you leave it the worse it can seem. But it was actually a pleasure. A chance to think about what we do, realign our focus and refresh how we portray ourselves. All of which meant we got a chance to…

Be proud. 
You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and you’ve created something special – take a moment to look at what you have done and take pride in that achievement. Then work out what you want to do next, decide on the audience you need to attract and build a brand and website that reflects that.

And once you’ve done all that and launched your site there’s one more important thing to remember….

Change will do you good.
Hopefully your new site hits the mark and you and your customers love it. But if they don’t, listen to what they say and be prepared to change to meet those needs. And even if it is an unqualified hit still be prepared to make adjustments – nothing ever grew by staying exactly the same.

And now we have done all of this for our own site we’d love to chat to you about yours. We can help with the whole process from initial ideas to post-launch training and can even help write the brief. So if you are looking to refresh or relaunch or just looking for a tidy up then have a look at our new site and drop us a line. We’d love to have a chat!

Forty6 Design is a branding and design agency that thinks all organisations, in all walks of business, deserve to look good. We provide creative ideas and beautiful design to tech giants, charities, and even the RAF, with a speciality in biotech, healthcare and life science companies. So if you are creating a new brand, have an existing one that could do with a bit of a refresh, or you just want to reinvigorate your communications drop us a line and let’s start a conversation. We are forty6 design and we make business look better.

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